oke , now i know ..

sometimes what ppl said 2 , kt x ley sng2 nk cye rite ?? ....
tp ade certain2 cte tuh yg kte try not to believe it but it act happen in front of us .. nice huh ? haha ..
it actually happened to me la .. so now i really2 trust ppl yg ckp tuh .. salute korg la .. sbb korg mmg x tpo .. haha .. but some ppl love the way u lie .. aha .. so skrg , cpe nk tpo2 aq , sori cket .. aq rmai informer eh . haha .. cpe nk tpo aq ZzZzZzZzZzZ .. haha .. so end of story , no one we can trust except ourself (but kpd yg bek2 tuh aq stil cye korg ) huhu .. :)

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